We recently installed a Klover Smart 120, a Bio-Mass Boiler and Combined Oven for a client who wanted both a high quality oven, a new boiler to heat his house, and something that over the course of its life would actually end up paying for itself, based on the Renewable Heat Incentive.

The pellets are fed into the boiler via the grate on the top left of the appliance (where you can see the removable grate). On the front of the unit you can see that the left and middle compartments are where the boiler is located and the right is a large oven. On the top of the unit there is a very large, very hot plate, something similar to a hot plate you might find in a commercial kitchen.

This job involved the removal of an old oil fed aga and an oil boiler and in its place the installation of the klover cooker/boiler. We installed it in place of the aga and ran a new stainless steel flue up through the roof (seen in the top left of both photos).

This appliance gives out 18kw to the central heating and 5kw to the room, so if you want a nice cosy kitchen and a warm house with a great looking appliance then this is the ideal appliance for you.